Simple Knit & Crochet Potholder Patterns for Beginners

Simple Knit & Crochet Potholder Patterns for Beginners

One of our favorite memories of learning how to crochet and knit was making our very first potholder project. What makes them so perfect for beginners are their simple crochet and knit stitches and the end result of a beautiful handmade project that never goes out of style.

But knit and crochet potholders aren’t just a beginners project, they make perfect gifts for any cook in your life or a great stash busting project. Plus the easy-to-follow knit and crochet instructions make them ideal for working while catching up on your favorite new series on Netflix. We can’t think of anything that these pot holder patterns aren’t great for!

Check out our collection of the best free crochet and knit potholder patterns.




Mosaic Crochet Potholder by Yarn and Chai

Mosaic Crochet Potholder by Yarn and Chai

Don’t you just love simple and easy to make patterns that are adorable. This Mosaic Potholder pattern by Yarn and Chai is one of our favorite patterns and is extremely simple- just single crochet stitches and spike stitches. How cute could this be in your kitchen colors? You could also make a few towels too! And maybe even a crochet pillow. We’re just in love with this beautiful crochet stitch!



Double Thick Crochet Potholders by Sewrella

Double Thick Crochet Potholders by Sewrella

The holiday season can be a constant reminder that we don’t have enough potholders. Seriously, you’d think having six crochet potholders during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners would be enough but it never is. Why not beat the holiday rush and crochet some great potholder patterns now? 

How cute are the Double Thick Crochet Potholders by Sewrella? It uses a really dense crochet stitch called the thermal stitch that helps to make these crochet potholders very thick and durable. Don’t forget to use some great cotton yarn for this crochet project.



Cherry Candy Cane Potholder by Purls and Pixels

Cherry Candy Cane Potholder by Purls and Pixels

Here’s another simple kitchen pattern for those stash busting projects is this fun Cherry Candy Cane Potholder by Purls and Pixels! Made with LB’s Wool Ease Thick and Quick Yarn, this crochet pattern stitches up quickly and is easily customizable. We love these colors and will be making a bunch of these for easy anytime gifts!


Knit Potholder by Homey Oh My

Knit Potholder by Homey Oh My

If you’re a knitter and need a potholder- this knit potholder pattern by Homey Oh My is the perfect chunky pattern that whips up quickly and is seriously so cute! Embellish it with a sweet leather loop and bronze button and you’re all set. Make it in any color to match your kitchen decor and you will have some of the trendiest potholders around!



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