Quick & Easy Crochet and Knit Shawls

Quick & Easy Crochet and Knit Shawls

There is nothing more beautiful, or functional, to throw on with any outfit than a gorgeous knit or crochet shawl. Each and every crochet and knit shawl pattern is unique with their stitches and design.

Whether you need it for throwing on for chilly evenings, or for a formal event, you are sure to find a stunning shawl perfect for any occasion. What makes them a great project is that there are so many quick and easy crochet and knit shawl patterns available.

Here you will find some of our favorite shawl crochet patterns and easy how to knit a shawl projects.



Newsprint Granny Stitch Shawl by Make and Do Crew

Newsprint Granny Stitch Shawl by Make and Do Crew

Looking for a crochet shawl pattern that will keep you warm during chilly nights, or even colder days in the winter? This gorgeous Newsprint Granny Stitch Crochet Shawl pattern from Make and Do Crew is a must-have! The chunky crochet stitch and adorable tassels on the corners are the perfect combination for a crochet shawl you will be excited to throw on!



Hayden Wrap by Hooked Hazel

Hayden Wrap by Hooked Hazel

Another reason we love crochet knit shawls is their ability to add a touch of elegant flair to any outfit! Take this beautiful Hayden Wrap crochet shawl pattern by Hooked Hazel, it is light and airy with an ombre effect that can take the simplest white tee and jean outfit to the next level. The weight of this crochet shawl wrap is perfect for summer evenings that cool off just enough that you need an extra layer.


Crochet Triangle Shawl by Delia Creates

Crochet Triangle Shawl by Delia Creates

We adore the latest mother-daughter matching outfit trend! And don’t forget the matching lovey too! The Crochet Triangle Crochet Shawl by Delia Creates is a great beginner crochet shawl pattern because it is a quick and breezy project. It is an easy crochet shawl pattern to follow, which makes it perfect for beginners.



Berkshire Wrap by One Dog Woof

Berkshire Wrap by One Dog Woof

This oversized knit shawl pattern from One Dog Woof is the softest, coziest shawl wrap you will ever make! The intricate knit shawl pattern makes it one of the most beautiful, detailed knit wraps around! The Berkshire Knit Wrap Shawl makes a great project as it is made to be a beginner knit pattern.


Fringed Statement Shawl by Lion Brand

Fringed Statement Shawl by Lion Brand

Another knit shawl pattern that was designed to keep you toasty warm is this Fringed Statement Shawl by Lion Brand. It’s made with the always lovely Wool Ease Thick and Quick and is simple to stitch up and great as a beginner knit shawl pattern. Wool Ease Thick and Quick comes in so many great colors as well! You could make one for everyone in your family!


Wedding Shawl Pattern by Purl Soho

Wedding Shawl Pattern by Purl Soho

It’s no secret that we love Purl Soho and they have so many beautiful knit patterns and they make the process even easier by offering different color options right in the pattern. This Wedding Knit Shawl Pattern is made with the color Blue Agave and it’s seriously sweet. It offers the perfect drape to accessorize any summer outfit. A great knit shawl project for advanced or beginner knitters looking for easy, simple knit shawl patterns.



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