Fun to Make Knit & Crochet Bags

Fun to Make Knit & Crochet Bags

No one can ever have enough knit or crochet bags in their collection! Whether you need a handy marketbag to carry groceries, or a tote for bringing your yarn projects along with you, they are such a helpful accessory.

What we adore about crochet and knit bags is their versatility. They can be used for everyday uses or to add a boho flair to any outfit. Why purchase expensive retail versions of these beautiful tote bags when you can make your own unique and gorgeous knit or crochet purse?

Crochet and knit tote bags can be intimidating for beginners, but many patterns are simple enough to follow along with that anyone can create them. 

We have gathered a collection of our favorite free knit and crochet tote bag patterns.



Camellia Tote Bag by All About Ami

Camellia Tote Bag by All About Ami

While tote bags normally name their grand appearance for the spring and summer- when I found this one, I knew I had to share. The Camellia Tote Bag by All About Ami is one of my favorite tote bag patterns. It’s simple to follow and this designer is always coming up with super trendy patterns.


Mosaic Bucket Bag by Yarn and Chai

Mosaic Bucket Bag by Yarn and Chai

This is the perfect little summer bucket bag!Take the gorgeous Mosaic Bucket Bag by Love and Chai from day to night with total ease. It is versatile, trendy and just so cute! It will go with any summer outfit. Using this detailed crochet stitch, you will create a mosaic-like pattern that your friends and family will be so impressed by! This pattern is also featured as a crochet along video, so it is super easy to follow and perfect for beginners! 



Summer Fling Tote by Espace Tricot

Summer Fling Tote by Espace Tricot

Because I shared a fun crochet tote, I thought I’d share my favorite knit tote, as well. I found this Summer Fling Tote on Ravelry and I love the color blocking and the shape. This, along with the one above, is a perfect tote bag. A large bottom with a long should strap makes for a wonderful, yet comfortable, way to carry around all your things- including your current project! 


The Upcycled Market Bag by Dukes and Duchesses

The Upcycled Market Bag by Dukes and Duchesses

The Upcycled Market Bag by Dukes and Duchesses is perfect for the farmer’s market or on a quick trip to the beach. It’s knit on circular needles in the round so you won’t have any loose needles to keep track of. You could make a few of these in your favorite colors to bring home all the goodies from your local street fair!



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  1. Fiber Find 🧶 Winter is coming so you know you’re going to be stitching up a whole bunch of hats, scarves, and warm weather things. The Kelbourne Germantown yarn is the perfect yarn for all of those patterns and projects. It is a 100% US grown worsted weight wool so each of your projects will be beautiful and warm! If you follow the link to the yarn, you will see a bunch of free patterns like the one above- the Kelbourne Woolens January Hat- that use this Kelbourne Germantown yarn and they are all so amazing!
  1. Feline Photographs 😻 I know you all love the cat articles I share and this one made me so happy because this cat thinks he’s a dog and the photos prove it. This kitty has Shiba Inu brothers and because Shiba Inus have amazing personalities- this cat is taking on his brothers’ personalities! This makes me want another dog… and another cat. 
  1. Perfect Housewarming Presents 🎁 I’m all about housewarming gifts because I love housewarming parties. There’s nothing more exciting to me than touring houses. I really love seeing new houses and seeing how other people decorate because it gives me inspiration. I have a friend with an amazing macrame wall hanging and now I have to have one. Here are a bunch of great housewarming gifts that you can buy- but you could also use them for inspiration for your own DIY!
  1. Crochet Hook Must Have 🧶 I love my Furls crochet hooks. They are ergonomic and beautiful… and expensive. There’s nothing wrong with investing in hooks if you’re an avid crocheter. Actually, it’s encouraged because they help keep your hands from tiring. The thing is- if I’m going to invest in these beautiful crochet hooks, I want them organized and to show them off! This hook organizer by Furls is amazing, equally as beautiful, and is perfectly crafted for those handcrafted hooks! 
  1. Educator Ideas 👩🏼‍🏫 School is ramping back up and, even if your kiddos and grandkiddos are remote learning, there’s a ton of teachers that are working double time trying to provide an amazing learning experience for their students. This is a fun list of crochet gifts for the teachers in your life! 



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👱🏼‍♀️ Can’t complete the downward dog with your hair dragging the floor like a mop, right? Try this quick hack for a crocheted scrunchie.



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